You can use

it on everything!

  1. Shake Well
  2. Mix with water according to strength usage ratios
  3. Apply to surface
  4. Wipe with clean dry cloth

No rinsing necessary.

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Spray Cleen is a concentrated all purpose cleaner, tested by professional men and women in all types of businesses. Now available for household and commercial use.

Spray Cleen is an entire supermarket of cleaners in a single bottle! Spray Cleen is designed to take the work out of everyday cleaning! Spray Cleen is versatile… strong enough to clean a car engine, yet gentle enough to be used at home.

Hy-Pro products are non-animal tested. All products are environmentally safe and can be used with absolute confidence. Hy-Pro Spray Cleen is biodegradable, and we at Hy-Pro are trying to make a difference. We use non-polluting products, and treat the environment with care. Hy-Pro Chemical is a concentrated cleanser - it cleans everything!

Tub & Tile

Outdoor Grills

Pool Tile

You can use it on everything!

Soap Scum



Lawn Equipment

Stainless Steel


Shower Doors



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